Friday, November 19, 2010

Prawie Jak w Bajce

Prawie Jak w Bajce is a book wrote by Herman Raucher in 1980, his original title was "There Should Have Been Castles", that  was a re-telling of the early years of his relationship with his wife. The book also chronicles his early years in the film industry and his wife's time on Broadway. Though he took certain dramatic license for the sake of the story (for example, minor elements relating to his wife were actually taken from a girl he dated in college; the names of certain real-life people were changed for their protection and Raucher's; Raucher changed his and his wife's names to Ben and Ginny in the final draft of the book), he maintains that the book is still over ninety percent accurate. Despite being a bestseller, the book went out of print in the mid-1980s along with all of Raucher's other works, following an unexplained falling out between Raucher and his publishers. The book fared much better in Poland where it has come to be considered a classic of contemporary literature and remains in print under the title Prawie Jak w Bajce. In the 1980s, Raucher sold the film rights to the book for $250,000. The movie was never made, but because the studio retained the rights Raucher was allowed to keep the money.


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